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Mistress of Chaos

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September 24th, 2005

11:17 pm
OMG THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!! About an hour after my parents gave me the car, Mel showed up at my house. She was able to get a ride down from school so she could surprise me. It was so awesome. We spent the whole afternoon together. We went shopping and spent waaay too much on lipglosses and perfume and body oils. And she got to drive my car (and is totally jealous cuz she's always wanted a jeep)

This may have been the best birthday I've ever had. A huge flower arrangement waiting for me when I got home from school on thursday, friends and family calling me all day, half a dozen bday ecards waiting for me when I checked my email, a new car, and a surprise visit from my best friend. I've never been crazy about birthdays (well, except for the presents, I looove presents) but they're not that bad when you have people to celebrate with, in fact they're even kinda fun.

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02:28 pm
I GOT A NEW CAR!!!! It's a birthday present from my parents. A red jeep liberty. This is insane, I despise driving and going anywhere other than school, the barn, Mels house and Megans house send me into fits of terror and hyperventilation and yet I've been grinning like an idiot since they handed me the key. It's so pretty!!! Its red and shiny, and I'm gonna be freaking terrefied of driving it to school, I've never parked anything that big, holy crap now I'm scared.

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September 8th, 2005

12:58 am
I'm suffering a particularly severe case of lazy. I have two psychology papers due tomorrow and I just can't seem to get started on them. It's not like they'll be particularly hard to write. My aunt already gave me some tips on what to write and I can mainly bs most of it, and they're each only one page. But for some reason I just can't get started on them. Homework sucks!!

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August 24th, 2005

12:56 pm
I had my first class today. It was boring as hell. I forgot to ask about joining a more advanced class. My AP scores mean that I could probably be place in a higher english, but I don't think I want to do that. As it is the syllabus for ENC1101 scares the shit out of me. I don't think I could handle a higher level. I guess I'll talk to my prof before the next class and see how work intensive the other class would be. Parking was absolutely atrocious. I got there an hour early and I still wasnt able to find parking. Like two minutes before class started I just decided to give up and I parked in front of a median. I guess I'll have to get there even earlier tomorrow. Ugh tomorrow I have algebra. I think Wednesdays are gonna be my favorite day of the week. Even though my english class seems like its gonna be boring as hell at least its the only class on wednesdays.

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August 22nd, 2005

07:41 pm
OMG I just found out that two girls are moving their horses out of the barn. I'm not particularly close to either of them, but it's so sad to see the barn starting to disintegrate. Nows the time when we really need to be united and we're loosing two horses. Hopefully no one else will move. Damn those fucking develepers, and damn the santeros next door. I wish our barn wasn't in the middle of construction and housing developments, and I really wish those damned santeros would be a little more considerate of they're neighbors and be more quiet. But I love the barn and I love the people out there. I couldn't even imagine moving Li. Hopefully the Megans won't decide to move. That would really suck. I wish we could afford to open our own barn. Papi keeps talking about it, but he would need a partner or two and no one else at the barn has the finances to go into something like that with him. If I ever do open my own barn, I'm gonna buy like ten or fifteen acres and have the barn right in the middle, so no one has to bother worrying about neighbors.

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07:04 pm
So the campout was sheer hell. We right in the middle of a fucking mosquito orgy. Who knows how the fuck much poison we ingested. It seemed like every five minutes we were slathering ourselves with bugspray and using the fogger. And since we were trapped in the tiny tent for the entire night there was nothing to do. It was practically a full moon though, so at least I got to watch the moon all night. I tried to meditate, but that's hard to do while people are right next to you arguing about playing regular poker or strip poker. They ended up playing regular poker cuz Mel bitched about the possibility of any of seeing Angel naked or vice versa. The only person that slept through the night was Jackie. The rest of us slept for maybe ten minutes each. And damn Mel and Angel, those two have absolutely no shame. We told them that they could go to the truck to make out if they wanted to, and we were pretty sure that they wanted to. But no, they couldn't do anything that sensible, instead they just assumed that since it was quiet everyone was asleep and then fooled around in the fucking tent, on the same fucking bed as Jen, Nikki, and me, with Jackie on the floor right next to them. Jackie was lucky she was alseep. She didn't know anything about it until the next day. The rest of us spent the night trying to not look at them and ignore the moaning. It wasn't a total loss though, Mel finally learned that not every one of her ideas is brilliant.

I can't believe she's gone. It was so weird helping her pack, and loading the van with her. This is gonna be the first time in fifteen years that we're not at the same school. It hasn't really sunk in yet that she's not just around the corner. And it's gonna be so weird not seeing her at school. Fuck I can't believe school starts on Wednesday. I really don't want it to. I've been to campus like three times this week, so I know where everything is, it's just really intimidating to not know anyone thats going there. I wish Megan had decided to go to MDC with me instead of FIU.

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August 16th, 2005

10:52 pm
Mel wants to go camping in the everglades for her birthday tomorrow. She's fucking CRAAAZZYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God air conditioners all over the city are breaking because of the heat, and the mosquito count is off the charts and she wants to take us into the middle of a fucking swamp. The girls psycho.

Okay so I just looked up the campground, and apparently you need reservations. And when I told Angel and Mel they said that it didn't matter and that that's for the little hotel there, but I double checked it and you actually do have to reserve a campsite for a fee of $14. So this should be interesting, there's a chance that once we get there we'll be kicked out.

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August 15th, 2005

11:40 pm

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August 11th, 2005

10:44 pm
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August 6th, 2005

12:28 am
It's been a pretty good day. I was up until about five last night watching Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (OMG Paul Newman is SOOOOO yummy.) I had an absolutely devine deep dreamless sleep. I was very rudely awakened at an ungodly hour of the morning by someone shooting a hose at my window, but at least there was still hot coffee when I managed to stumble out of my room. And it meant that I was up early enough to catch Suddenly, Last Summer on TCM, which I've been dying to see for ages. Then Mel calls me to beg me to give her a ride to go pick up her van at the bodyshop. I agreed only because I thought it was close to home, but damn was I wrong. It was way out in the middle of nowhere. The drive back was fricking scary. It's pathetic really, I have no problem riding a bucking horse but changing lanes scares me shitless. Anyway after I got back from that I decided to get a little tipsy to celebrate that I had made it out alive, and as a result I ended up dancing around my room like an idiot for a while. And I just finished watching The Philadelphia Story which I've been dying to see from start to finish for years, Cary Grant is awesome.

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